Boocha is a refreshing, organic drink, with probiotics and low in calories. It is made by hand by fermenting tea with a colony of bacteria and yeast called SCOBY. As a result of this fermentation and not being pasteurized, probiotics are obtained, which have health benefits. That is why it has been consumed for centuries all over the world.

This organic kombucha packaging design was also carefully created to appeal to the younger crowd, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. The choice of pastel colors and playful character illustrations capture the attention of this target audience, conveying a positive and vibrant message.

Through an attractive and contemporary visual style, it is intended to attract young people to kombucha as a refreshing and healthy option. The pastel colors evoke a young and modern vibe, while the illustrations ensure a sense of fun and connection to your current lifestyle and include characters that are related to the ingredients used in each kombucha. These illustrations give each flavor personality and help consumers quickly identify their preferences.

In addition, the fact that the kombucha is organic reinforces the message of well-being and health. Young people are increasingly interested in adopting a healthy and conscious lifestyle, and the packaging design reflects this approach through the use of natural and organic ingredients.

The retro-style packaging also has nostalgic appeal for young people, as many will appreciate the vintage aesthetic and connection to decades past. This gives them a unique viewing experience and allows them to enjoy a product that combines the best of the past with the health benefits of today.